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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dining Room Blunder....

If you have a dining room like this, you better have a fantastic personality.
I have self diagnosed myself with what I like to call "situational tourettes syndrome". If I find myself at a dinner party, ladies luncheon, fundraiser or worse, yet, an afternoon tea in a too fancy home, I have a flair up of "situational tourettes syndrome".
I peptalk myself ahead of time - be appropriate, be sophisticated, stand up straight, be complimentary and for goodness sake, use good manners. I might wear a fancy hat - people in fancy hats don't blurt out "Where is the freaking ketchup??" or ask if the lovely white sauce is "brown gravy in disguise?" "Are these plates from the Walmarts?"
It never works out. I can't help myself. Before I know it, I am laughing too loudly, telling a sex joke or using the teeny corncobs to make fangs.
Taking personal responsibility isn't my strong point but I am really great at blaming others. So...if you have a super fancy house, you are asking for trouble. You better have a great personality, be self-effacing and most importantly- BE FUN! Otherwise, we are all intimidated and afraid of a misstep with the wrong fork.

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  1. Oh my gosh( I'm being appropriate)!! Are you sure we are not genetically related ??? I too suffer from situational tourettes!!! I once told Dan's boss a joke about having know what ......with a goat! He didn't laugh. I on the other hand thought I was quite funny! Dan has advanced in his job in spite of my wit!
    Love , your cousin in law


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