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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A fellow "House Nut"

To see Kelly's reading from The Middle Place, click here.

Don't tell my girlfriends or my sisters, but I usually delete all "forwards". 
You know the ones, fluffy "You're ok and I'm ok" themes. 
They finish with threats of what will happen if you do not respond immediately. I always have the urge to respond immediately with "Bite me", but my husband's common mantra of "Don't be a hater" guilts me into just deleting the message. is a miracle that I actually watched this clip, LOVED it, went to the dark side of "forwarding", sent it to everyone I know, bought the book for myself and some girlfriends and proceeded to internet stalk the author of The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan.
I realized that she reminded me of my friend, journalist extraordinaire, fellow house stalker, Julie. When I moved to town, Julie was my first friend. Our husbands were both sports writers and we connected right away. We have commiserated about our shared talent of placing foot in mouth disease, the birth of our six children, baptisms, husbands that cannot seem to find the @$%^!*& laundry basket, new schools, new jobs, new friends, countless sporting events, the death of loved ones, finished 5k's, and the heart wrenching process of allowing (or not) our girls to audition for The Nutcracker.
The one constant in our relationship has been our love of houses, houses, houses. We have spent many a Sundays, with our kiddos in tow, cruisin' the open house circuit.
Our conversations often begin with "Did you see that gorgeous house on University Avenue?" or "Can you believe what they are asking for THAT?"
Our houses have been the landscape of all those "middle place" moments - our soft spot to fall at the end of the day.
Julie just wrote a beautiful piece about Sunday drives with her family (and mentions this blog!) called "We're All House Nuts At Heart" Check it out.

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