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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Houses Are Like Relationships, "The One That Got Away"

Sold. Sold? Sold! Sold?!?!?
MY house has been promised to another?
But....I had our life together all planned out!
The children all in their OWN rooms, romantic sunsets on the front patio, side patio, back patio, upstairs patio or even in the 3 season room!
Our first 18 dates house tours had gone so well. Everyone approved...even my mother!
I go away for one stinkin' weekend and this is what I come home to?
My Monday morning run was going so well...I had my "life is beautiful" buzz on.
I had accepted that it wasn't so wrong to buy this house with our children's college funds, after all.
Then, there it was. "SOLD"
I contemplated picking up my pace in hopes that I would be able to rip the "Sold" sign out of the ground and smash it Belushi style before the morning golfers arrived at the Country Club across the street.
A cool head (ok, a rickety knee) prevailed and I limped home in defeat.
Publicly, I have pulled out the big guns of mature and gracious comments.
"It just wasn't meant to be" and "I am sooo happy for them, I wish them every happiness!"
And, of course, to be clear that it was MY decision, I throw in,
"Ehh....I didn't really love it, anyway".

*I shared this post last summer and I am happy to report that I am totally over it. Yep, 100% over it. I have been stalking admiring the renovations and I am excited to share a tour with you soon.


  1. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams but that was MY house. I've told everyone who would listen, since I was 12 yrs. old, that someday I would live 'there'. I've got a runner up on Greencroft that is also on the market but at 1.3 million I think drooling in the front yard is as close as I'm going to get!

  2. Well, at least you kids can go to college now! :)

  3. All those extra room just equal extra cleaning. Cozy houses are better.

    1. That's right! Anything to limit cleaning duties!
      Thank you, Marian!

  4. I was so wanting you to have that house, too. And if the Rossow gang moved in, we might have just stayed in the neighborhood. Boo hoo for all of us! There is a nice house available 2 cul-de-sacs away in our present neighborhood, though...

    1. Living next to your family would be a dream! I can't wait to see your new abode!
      Thanks, Sheila!

  5. HiYa Kerry!!!

    Ok...I love it too!!!

    I know, I have to say encouraging things, but, I just love big, beautiful, vintage homes too much, so, I'll say it wasn't meant to be. You'll find the house that will be drop dead gorgeous Kerry style and say, "How could I ever have love that other one?"

    Did I make you feel better yet?

    Have a great long weekend!!

    Pam <3<3

    1. Just when I thought I couldn't love you more...
      Thanks, Pam.

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