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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Houses Are Like Relationships, Day 5

This is how my children respond to the prospect of leaving our house...
The House Adulterer!
I was stopped in my tracks last night.
I was rushing around in my "hopped up on too much coffee" way. I was running through the mental checklist- the small people had been fed, laundry load #87 was started, baseball bags packed, water bottles included, camera in car, phone in purse, and schedules/carpools coordinated!
"Kerry Rossow?" I hear from a slow moving sedan in front of my house. (Full disclosure -I have seen too many movies and I have an overactive imagination.) This is how it always goes, the slow sedan drive-by, the identity confirmation, and then Al Pacino would open fire on me.
Not to be on this night, whew.
It was Mr. Cole - the man who grew up in the house I now call home and his family! We bought this house from his mother almost 15 years ago. (More house history to follow at a later date)
It was such a great experience to watch them tour the house that had been in their family for 43 years!
As we compared house stories and neighborhood gossip, guilt set in.
I have been traipsing around the city, spending too many hours at open houses, writing love letters about other peoples houses, lusting after my neighbor's stainless steel appliances, and taking long walks with the full intent of "admiring" other houses!
Seeing Mr. Cole's eyes light up as he shared old house stories, hearing his wife's memories of Christmas's past in my very living room, and watching his daughter make her way through the house she had toddled through under the loving eye of her grandmother, made me re-appreciate what has been under my nose all along.
I woke up this morning and walked through my house that has been so good and loyal to me. We were young and carefree when we started this journey. Fifteen years and four children later, I still love this house somethin' crazy.
I see countless family gatherings around our dining room table. I see the bedroom that I paced while making the futile "hee, hee, hee" noises. I see the hallway where my babies learned to walk - bumping from side to side like bumper cars! The big wins and the big losses have all been celebrated or mourned right here.
I love my house.

*Update: While running cable into our basement, the cable guy found an old GI Joe Tanker that belonged to Mr. Cole. Imagine his surprise when he opened a package from miles away to find his toy from years ago.


  1. Love this! I can't believe the timing of their visit... we love your house, too!

    I have all sorts of questions for our previous owners, like: Why did you make the crawl space so small? or, Who picked out that wallpaper? We actually know all the families who have lived in ours, dating back to the Depression. Pretty cool.

  2. Love and Lust are two different things aren't they?

  3. I have always LOVED going back to houses I lived in as a child. Love your blog too!


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