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Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet Me In St. Louis!

The Fisherman Home, Voted Friendliest Home Owners of 2011 by Kerry Rossow
Doesn't that yellow door just scream "HAPPY!"???

"Word on the street" is that these medallions are markers for 100 year house birthdays!

While visiting St. Louis this weekend, I discovered a new (to me) neighborhood to admire!
I was driving down Elm Avenue in Webster Groves when I almost gave myself whiplash jerking my head spastically side to side so as not to miss a single lookiloo!
"Best to just stop for a little walk", I told myself...."with my camera."
It was a candyland of Victorians! I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz- I was practically skipping down Elm Avenue!
The wraparound porches were stunning, the ornate details were perfection, the yards were sprawling and then....
Be still my beating heart! A brick colonial with a yellow door! While I love Victorians, my heart belongs to brick Colonials.
Anyone who would paint their door yellow must be a cheery, friendly sort, right? This is what I was repeating to myself as I was walking toward that beautiful yellow door.
What a wonderful family I was greeted by! Jan and Charles Fishman were the most gracious hosts and did not appear to be frightened at all by the house stalker admirer at their door!
I met their lovely daughter who is home to plan her wedding that is two weeks away. They shared Webster Groves history and even printed information on the Webster Groves Historical Houses walk.
I was starting to feel like Bill Murray in "What About Bob", the guest that wouldn't leave! I tore myself away, fighting the urge to ask if I should expect an invitation to their daughter's wedding, now that we are bff's and all.
For more information on the Webster Groves Historical House Walk, click here.
To see pictures of the "What About Bob" house, click here.

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  1. I love Webster Groves! I was lucky enough to house-sit once for an editor at the Post-Dispatch who lived on Elm. Such a beautiful area.

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