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Monday, May 23, 2011

Memory Lane...

                                        A Walk Down Memory Lane...Liberty, Indiana

       This brick piece of Heaven was my "first love". I still get weak knees when I see it.

                                    This yellow gem (above) was my childhood doctor's office.

                                  The home of my first grade teacher, the lovely Mrs. Bossert!

Road trips to my hometown are usually a whirlwind.

We roll into town with our four children and our unending amount of equipment, snacks, entertainment, sports gear, and more stuff, stuff, stuff than you can shake a stick at!

My younger sister and our mother live 3 houses away from each other, 6 acres surrounding them.

There is no McDonalds in my hometown. No Wendy's, no Starbucks (gasp), no Blockbuster, no Barnes and Noble, no movie theatre, no museum, and no city pool.

AND, it is the time of our lives!

Just when we have enjoyed all the basketball/baseball/soccer/capture the flag/bloody murder, storytelling (aka extreme embellishing) and midnight in the graveyard we can take, we head for home.

Last weekend, I vowed to get out and take a tour of my hometown and as my therapist sister would say, "process" the roots of my house obsession!

I realized that these are the houses that set the stage for all of my house loves that followed. We all have a "type" and mine is a direct result of the beauties I grew up with.

Each house in my hometown has a history. They are referred to by old family names.

My mother and her sister live in what used to be my grandmother's home. 

 My sister lives in "The Floyd's old house, the one with the pool"
"The Hensley's live in Montgomery's house" and "The William's live in Mrs. Bossert's house." 

 It goes on and on.
Mr. Fleetwood's house with the double staircase, the Aldredge's house with the elevator, Mr. Bryant's house with the cabbage wallpaper, Aunt Mary Anne's on Union Street, Uncle Don's with the greenhouse....

I love these houses. I took pictures and hoped that the police would not be called. (Although, the police officer would most likely be an old classmate!)


  1. I recently realized that my dining room is basically a modern version of my grandmother's dining room. The glass and metal table, metal chairs, white, white, white everywhere, and the painted chandelier. It's fun to think about what a huge influence she has had on my design style. My love of white, my appreciation for a simple and highly efficient layout, and my preference for materials that are easy to clean and keep clean can all be traced back to her and her home.

    Interesting to see the houses that shaped your aesthetic preferences! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You just described my house, too!
    I am working on a series called "Dear House...." I am asking for letters to houses of our pasts - maybe the house we grew up in, Grandma's house, the house where you raised your family, etc.

  3. I love my town!! Where are the first two white houses though?! I am at a loss to figure those two out.. the first brick home though... oh I love it too!

  4. Hey chic I would love to meet you when you're in town again! I moved into your hometown 10 years ago and it's taken awhile to become a part of it, but we are here to stay. We found a farm south of town, but I totally enjoy passing by those houses daily and I'm curious of the history. The house that peeks my curiosity the most is the one just south of town on the right that is abandoned and unfortunately lost it's beauty. Here's the house I'm speaking of


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