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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shut The Front Door!

When I saw this kitchen, I yelled at the computer screen, "Shut the front door!"
My sisters and I have 9 children between us.
Needless to say, our secret sister language has evolved over the years.
When we are blown away by something, we now say "Shut the front door!" 
If we need a double take, we exclaim, "Back the truck up". 
When we disagree, we might (in the kindest possible way) say, "you have more problems than a math book" or "Shut to the up." Our husbands have long accepted this secret sister language as well as our long outbursts of laughter for mysterious (to them) reasons!
I know that when my sisters see this kitchen, they will respond, "Mama likey."


  1. Oh wow,....that is stunning. I wonder how long those white cupboards would stay white? Sorry, it's knee-jerk.

  2. Kerry, just caught up on all your recent sister posts! Wow, we are living parallel lives. I love where you describe how different you all are. And the fact that your husbands have no idea why you're laughing. So true. I look forward to exchanging more stories. Cheers!


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