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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleeping With The Enemy House Is For Sale!

The house from Sleeping With The Enemy is one of my all time favorites!
I cannot seem to convince my husband to uproot our family and buy this gem!
I might, however, be able to convince one of my sisters to take a road trip, sit on the historic porch, drink a skinny girl margarita, and pretend we live there...
I would be remiss if I didn't point out that this movie sent OCD folks around the world into a tailspin. There is NOTHING wrong with alphabaticizing one's cupboards!
Patti Nickles, with Prudential/South Carolina, is selling it for a song- $219,000! (MLS #102619)


  1. How about if 20 or so of your closest friends pool together to buy it then pick alternate weeks to stay.

  2. I used to work with a gal years ago and she would talk about how she kept all her spices in alphabetical order---I thought she was totally nuts! Until I acquired my "menopausal memory", code for "I lost it and don't think I'll ever find it again"! I do the same thing now and it is really a terrific idea!! Audrey

  3. My all time favorite "movie house" is from "What Lies Beneath" with Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford. Definitely worth a girls night in. I was so busy drooling over the house and decor in each scene that I could barely appreciate the "horror" of the horror movie.

  4. My favorite movie house is the one in Home Alone. I heard it's already for sale for a cool $2.4 million. Hey, if you have some cash lying around, you should grab the chance to get a piece of cinematic history.

  5. Lucius, let me grab my checkbook...

    1. Such a nice blog. I really enjoyed reading it.


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