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Monday, June 20, 2011

Battle of the Breezeway!

This Pottery Barn image is our inspiration!
You might remember my friend, journalist extraordinaire, Julie.  For the record, Julie has asked that I replace "journalist extraordinaire" with "journalist/blogger".  Whatever, Modest Mary.  (Click here for backstory)
Julie and I have a long history of house adventures- from our own house hunting/buying/repairing/neglecting/decorating to our shared house lusts!
I have coveted her breezeway/mudroom for years!
Oh, to have a dedicated space for shoes, backpacks, hats, mittens, and for the space to be PURDY!
Julie, being a good sport, (our sports writer husbands will enjoy this kind of talk!)  is bravely including me and our shared friend, decorator extraordinaire, Karen, on her makeover adventure!
Read Julie's version of events here:  The Breezeway Horrors
"The Battle of the Breezeway" will be a summer series of the before, during and after of the transformation!
Tomorrow- meet designer/contractor/decorator/smartypants Karen.

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  1. Looking forward to it! I am madly cleaning so we can take those "before" photos.... :)


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