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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Screen TV - Are we the Jetsons?

I am the human yo- yo. Four babies in 5.5 years provided many fashion "challenges."
I gained between 72-83 pounds each pregnancy. My sweet and very wise husband would remind me, "You're just tall" and "It's all baby!" I am indeed almost 6 ft tall and I did indeed have humongous babies....but come ooooon!
I decided to tackle this challenge the old fashioned way - smoke and mirrors! DISTRACT the viewer!
I would load on the make-up. I would go blonder and blonder. I would accessorize like never before!
I was Tammy Fay Baker on steroids!
My friends, family and strangers off the street would be so bedazzled by my shiny objects up top, that they would not notice the waddling tanker beneath!
You might remember that my sisters and I have a secret and often harsh sister language. Sister #2 said that my efforts were "like giving a whale a tic-tac."
I am reminded of those days now that a very large flat screen tv has breached the perimeter of our home.
How do I decorate around the beast? Do I try to distract the viewer? Accessorize? Throw a vintage tablecloth over it and call it a day? (The vintage tablecloth actually does come in handy as a pregnancy "wrap" when even the XL maternity doesn't fit, fyi!)
I have decided to just be loud and proud about my big ole tv. That's right, there is a big, black, awful looking box on my family room wall. And I will love my big ole tv.
I would have saved a lot of money if I had taken this approach with my big ole belly!

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  1. Our big ol' TV (not as big as your's!) takes center stage in our house, too ... I'm resigned to it (sportswriter syndrome). At least flat-screens are less obtrusive than the old big-screen monstrosity that took up half our family room (and upon which I dropped giant dollops of red paint once... oops! Who needs a tarp?)!


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