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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blogging Etiquette!

One of the reasons that I love Sarah at "A Beach Cottage" is her willingness to share her secrets to success.
And, in an effort to gain my mother's readership, I knew words like "etiquette" would grab her attention!
I had to share some of Sarah's tips:

"8. Get Friendly with the Blogger…Chat ‘em up Baby

OK, bottom line here, all bloggers want comments…it doesn’t matter if you have 7,000 people visiting your blog a day or 7, everyone loves a comment…it let’s them know someone is out there and reading and what they are doing is being noticed….so you’ve found your niche blogger who you’d just about die if they featured your lil’ old blog
well how about you chat up that blogger?…yeah…you leave them a comment on posts…you let them know about you…every day when 7,000 people are visiting but perhaps oh about 30 or so are commenting and your name, Sarah from Vintage Dresser keeps popping up regularly, that blogger will notice you…sure her stats will say that lots and lots are visiting but Sarah from Vintage Dresser is actually interacting here…hmmm…and then a few months later guess who pops up in her inbox, a nice little friendly email from Sarah from Vintage Dresser…oh yeah, I know that girl, I’ll open this email and see what it’s all about, might be of interest….
However, be very careful here….DO NOT try to use their blogs as your personal advertising space, their Facebook page to promote yourself repeatedly, or blast them on Twitter with you and your blog….it is very transparent, and you can spot it a mile off!  I know the ones that I have got who do that to me all the time….mostly I leave it and don’t block them, but other bloggers I have heard hit the block button pretty quickly….yeah your key blogger may well have thousands of friends or likes on Facebook and you think hmmm that’s a pretty good place to advertise my business, I’ll just keep leaving loads of comments on there…nah, not good..every now and then a new one pops up on mine leaving me a heap of comments with their brand or blog overly promoted in the name tag or in the comment…or someone, totally unknown to me will tag me in their photo of their business products…yeah..don’t do that….not cool."
Thank you, Beach Cottage

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