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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crazy Hosta Lady...

Some blocks have a "Crazy Cat Lady".   I am aftraid that I have become our block's "Crazy Hosta Lady".

I have every kind of hosta you can imagine.  Blue, elephant ear, lime green, green tipped, green striped, white flowering, and purple flowering.  I could be considered a hosta hoarder, really.

Many of my hostas have sentimental value.  (Stop being Judgy Judgerson, ok?  Hostas ARE special!)

I have my "Fosler Hostas" that came from my all time favorite neighbor, Mrs. Fosler, who was selfish enough to move to assisted living to be closer to her family!

Then you have the "Kasten Hostas" from our shared backyard neighbors.  (Similar to our "shared" treehouse)

I have the "Robbie Hostas" that I won in a foot race down my street with neighbor/fellow hosta lover, Robbie.

My all time favorites are the "Daddy Hostas" that  I transplanted with my dad, landscaping guru.  I will always have fond memories of yard work with my pops - him grumbling like the dad in A Christmas Story.   
"*&^$#! Everybody thinks they're a &^%$##!-ing landscape expert these days...@$@%!"
"Why can't she just leave this **&^&%-ing yard alone*&%$ until my %$#@-ing visits??" 
"Stop right there!  You are killing the &^%$-ing hostas!"

Now that I have been spotted up close and personal, taking pictures of my little angels, I thought I would share some hosta love...

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  1. Love all your hosta I have several which grow perfect right under the edge of the back deck..Hope you have time to drop by. Blessings, Debbie

  2. haha! I loved this post! You crack me up lady- love it!! You really should have used some camo w/ a camo hat so the neighbors couldn't spot ya getting all photo snap happy on your Hosta's... but you got it girl- Lot's A Hosta's that are so Beautiful! Thanks for the laugh and purdy photos! -Jen

    1. I am so going to break out the camo! Great idea!

  3. LOL - I love hostas too. Unfortunately I only have a few. I'll have to start challenging people to foot races and such.

    1. Well...move here and I'll give you all the hostas you want!

  4. I can SO realte. We live in the woods so hostas THRIVE here. My hubby divides them all the time so we have TONS of them!!! And all types too. HMMM, crazy hosta lady, huh? Is THAT what my neighbors have been whispering????XO, Pinky

    1. I have always dreamed of a house in the woods! Hosta Heaven!
      Thanks, Pinky!

  5. I am the exact same way with hydrangeas. (To heck with Madonna. What does she know?)


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