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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear House Thursdays!

Nieto Family Fun!
Dear Country House,

I’ll admit it: it was not love at first sight.  After our offer on another house fell through, you were our second choice.  Sorry.  And what attracted us to you was not you, exactly, so much as your location.  Your gorgeous, gorgeous location.  Your sister houses in the same area were much prettier, but they were not for sale.  You were.
And so you became the Eliza Doolittle to our Henry Higgins.  We saw the potential in you; the potential to be the house of our dreams.  But it wouldn’t just take a simple makeover, no.  If you were to be truly integrated to your lot of land and your sister houses around you, we had some serious structural changes to make.  It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t short, either.  And so we parked a dumpster in front of you, and unpacked all of that stuff you just didn’t need: all those walls, those old cabinets, the godawful carpeting….but still, that wasn’t quite enough either.
Did you ever try to look around you, house?  At that gorgeous wooded lot you stood on?  Not really?  Well, that’s because your windows were waaay too tiny.  Perhaps you could see a tree or two, but you couldn’t see the forest.  And we needed to see the forest outside of you, to use those windows as the portals to the beauty that surrounded you.  There.  That’s better.  See?
Now we were better integrated, but we needed to work on that inner beauty.  Because you were truly naked in there.  All that was left of your insides were some subflooring, and the walls were gone, leaving only your exposed 2x4 construction.  But we had to strip you down in order to do it right.  I hope you understand.  We would rather you risk a little embarrassment for a while than to just make do with another coat of paint over everything.  Cause we were in it for the long haul.
We shopped obsessively for your materials, making sure that we were getting the best within our budget; with an eye toward the beautiful finished product.  We left a lot of you undone for a while, so that we could be sure of our decisions.
What?  I’m talking too much about myself in this love letter?  Yes, guilty as charged.  What about you, indeed.  
This summer will make 12 years, which equates to a little over four thousand days and nights.  Sleeping soundly, while you protected us.  Waking up to the light streaming through your big beautiful windows.  Wanting to invite over some company, and knowing that we could invite as many darned people as we could think of, because you would hold them all.  “What a beautiful house!” they would say, upon first seeing you.  And we would beam with pride.  You were our house.  Inside and outside.  Deep into your structure.  And we love you.  Or, that is, we’ve grown accustomed to your face.
Your Faithful Servants,
Erin and Marco

(FYI - this gem is for sale!  Click here for that info as well as more pictures.)

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  1. What a fun and truthful post. I get what you're saying... sometimes we need to open our eyes and see the potential. I've learned that over the years.

    Have a Blessed Day!


    Luciane at


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