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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear House,

Dear Henninger Farm House,

You are my first house memory.

I remember your kitchen and birthday parties in

your dining room.

I held my newborn brother on a red couch in

your living room. I remember him

falling down your wood stairs when he was

older! The living room windows and the

drive are on the west side, and a half-mile to the

west is the cemetery where my grandpa is buried.

We raced into your cellar to take shelter from a tornado once. And I remember men

delivering coal into that same cellar.

I saw red lights from Rudolph's nose (I'm sure!) out the three windows

that faced north from my room.

I watched a foal being born through the dutch doorof your barn in the middle of

the night.

We moved from you just after I turned six, but I remember you and I will have a

special love for old farmhouses forever.



(Picture provided by Rob Henninger)

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