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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Firepit Fiasco

I love firepits.  I love to be outside, drinking a brewsky, yelling at misbehaving children, listening to the children playing hide and seek,  around a firepit.
The problem is...we don't have a firepit.  Our kin in Indiana boast bonfires.  Our St. Louis kin offers a fancy firepit.  Our LA kin offer, well- smog.

We still have a Webber grill that requires CHARCOAL.  (Google it)  Suffice it to say, that we are often the last ones to be clinging to the tradition of a landline, a typewriter, a TV the size of Texas, hot rollers, tent camping (RV's and campers don't count as "camping"), the world's first minivan and a VCR.
Last weekend, we were sitting around the patio with friends when we decided to give "firepitting" a go --with a citronella candle.
You can imagine how this turned out.  A stinky black smoke rolled from guest to guest, choking out conversation and saturating the grilled burgers and hotdogs with a slight lemony taste!
On the upside, not a single mosquito bite was reported!
I do, however, need some new candles.

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