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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy 1 Month, Bloggy Blog!

Today is HouseTalkN's one month birthday!  I am having a total blast.  Considering that no homeowners have issued a restraining order, I would call it a successful month!
Thanks for HouseTalkN with me!  Here's to ya!


  1. Ok miss Kerry. I love tour blog but my dear husband is upset with you. On our one week end off together I have him tearing apart our half bath and totally remodeling beginning to end. you have inspired. I will post before n after pictures for you

  2. Can I get one of those on the rocks?

  3. Erin- I am a classy act, huh?
    Michelle- if you are a local, I can come help! Do take pictures!

  4. Happy Blog Birthday! To celebrate, I became a follower :) Love talking about houses, and I love a girl with a good sense of humor!

  5. Thank you, Carolyn. With four kiddos, we've got fun covered, right?


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