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Friday, June 24, 2011

Linky Party?

I am a blog rookie, so hang with me.  There is a thing called a "linky party"....I have been to a "drinky party", but this is my first "linky party"!  (A blogger will host a link party and other bloggers all submit a post to share - think "potluck for bloggers")
I have wanted to try this but have been talking myself in and out of it for a month!  "I'll do it next time" or "What if no one likes me my post?" or "What if ...what if...what if".
This is a summer of making myself try new things!
-Create a blog, check!
What the tarnation is a LINKY PARTY?
-Add a widdle color to my white, white, white decor- check!
-Shower exercise before noon, check!
-Participate in a "linky party", as of 9am today- CHECK!

Check out all the fun links at the party- My Romantic Home


  1. You can do it! Link parties, and commenting, are some of the easiest ways to grow a blog and let me put your fears to rest....someone will not like you, but it's ok.

    Blogging is so free and very fun, but eventually sometime someone will find that you aren't for them and like life, they probably weren't for you either.

    Looks like you have a great blog so far. Love that you just decided to start one and did it, very impressive.

  2. I am for a drinky party and a linky party! I have been thinking the same thing about having a link party but I am not great the technical stuff for my blog. Decorating and painting furniture is what I am good not creating buttons or linky parties.


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