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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet Karen, Decorator Extraordinaire!

Last week, you heard about Julie's "Breezeway Horrors".  She's my journalist/blogger/fellow house luster friend.  (I promised I wouldn't call her journalist extraordinaire anymore...)
We are planning a series of posts as we give her breezeway/mudroom a makeover!
Today, our shared friend and decorator extraordinaire,  Karen, will lay out our plan of attack!
A true friend helps with the lookiloo...
Karen is much more sophisticated than I.  When I show up with a bandana on my head, Karen is sure to be fully coiffed.  When I say "Lookithere, at that curved ceilin",  Karen will compliment the "barrel vaulted detailing".  These things might lead you to have a misperception of Karen.
But, when I pour my beer into a wine goblet, Karen is the first to laugh.  If I only have $500 bucks for a 3000 square foot kitchen/sunroom/master spa addition, Karen is the only person who could make it happen.  When I was lifting her for the above lookiloo, she told me not to grab her @#!% which, of course, guaranteed a goosing!
So.. this should be fun!  I'll meet you for coffee right back here at 7am to share Karen's breezeway plan!


  1. Kerry this is the cutest pix ever!! I love it! Love the whole site- the fun vibe, the pix, the lingo, the sunglasses, the retro feel and of course, the houses! This pix puts me in mind of Lucille Ball and her sidekick. And lucky for me, I have a real life Lucille for a friend- could totally imagine her conning me into doing something like this.

    1. Marian- you just described EXACTLY what I hope the blog is. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment- you made my day.
      AND, I love Lucille Ball.


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