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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Playhouses, Treehouses, and Forts, OH MY!

Our neighbors to the left have a playhouse.
Our neighbors to the right have a treehouse connected to the swingset.
Our neighbors behind us have a two story treehouse.
Our neighbors down the street have a treehouse with a wallclimbing entrance.
We have the yard for "Capture the flag". We host the basketball tournaments. We have Ft. Blackhawk under my hydrangeas. We have street baseball. We have soccer in the backyard. We have popsicles WITH sugar!
These are the things I tell myself when I am guilt ridden about our lack of a cool treehouse/playhouse/wallclimbing structure.
Our generation begged our parents for these structures and our parents responded with "When I was a child..." stories.
Our children will not suffer this fate! No, sir.
When I look out my kitchen window and see my kiddos high in the neighbors treehouse, filthy from the mudpies, laughing with their lifelong yardmates, eating the loot lifted from the treat cupboard, I smile to myself.
These are the "good old days".

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  1. now that is a play house we grown up girls would love to move into

  2. Right? When the kiddos are grown, it could become a writing studio, gardening room, or maybe, say, a chocolate tasting shop with your gal pals!


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