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Friday, June 3, 2011

Real Estate Sampler

This stunning Georgian is located stategically along my run route. Just when I am about to give up the fight, I see this beauty in the distance.
"If I make it to the Georgian, I can stop to 'tie my shoes'", I tell myself. I have too much pride to stop and pant like our old golden retriever. I stop to "TIE MY SHOES, OK?"
I've often contemplated "tying my shoes" on this lovely front porch. I might be "tying my shoe" and oopsy, I might just trip and land with my face smooshed against the window. It could happen.
I gage all houses by "party potential" and this house has it! I envision large family gatherings in the spacious dining room, a block party on the front porch, gal pal happy hours on the back patio, extended family in the guest suite for summer days on end, and...
I envision winning the lottery.
I finish "tying my shoes" and move on...
Six more blocks to the colonial.

For more information about this house, click here.

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