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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sometimes I Get Carried Away...

It all started here...
Let me first give the disclaimer that "matchy matchy" decorating is not for me.

That being said, I went a little overboard with a fabric.

It all started with a simple idea.  It was my quarterly changing of the dining room chair fabric.
(I change it so often because 1. I would rather change it than battle the mystery stains, 2. My love affair with the staple gun rears it's purdy head, and 3. I get bored easily!)

On the way to the fabric store, I set some boundaries for myself.
-Try something outside of the WHITE family.
-No more silk or linen for our tooshies!  (what was I thinking??)
-Go for durable!
-Must be on clearance.

The ladies in Hancock Fabrics are always so adept, patient and helpful.  (Never rolling eyes or slumping shoulders or sighing heavily at my inadequacies!)  I am a sewing moron.  I know this and I accept this, so I go to great lengths to avoid THE MACHINE aka THE BEAST!  And so a staple gun, glue gun, fabric tape affair was born.

I entered with confidence and marched myself directly to the clearance section.

When I let out my first squeal of delight, my old pal Hancock Helen rushed to my side.  She asked if I needed assistance, but I know that she really hoped feared that I had trapped myself in a bolt of fabric or stabbed myself with their fancy shears.

My heart was too busy singing - I had found the perfect fabric!  It was NOT white.  It was NOT linen or silk.  It WAS durable, and it WAS on clearance!

Indoor/Outdoor fabric.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  Why had I never considered this before?

I was doing a little "I love this fabric" dancing while Hancock Helen prepared 5,472 yards for me.
Niece NancyPancy, sewer extraordinaire, was visiting and I tried to wow her with my staple gun skills. She gave me the same look that Hancock Helen had.  She opted to be the "cutter" while I wielded  the staple gun!

When it was all said and done, the acclaimed fabric adorned dining chairs, side chairs, patio chairs, and maybe a kid or two.  We could go all "Von Trapps" and sing about a few of our favorite things!

I digress.

I now fear that I have become too "matchy matchy".  I'll just have to wait for a sister  to visit.  They will call it like they see it with a "Hey, Matching Mary!" or "Looks good, Stepford Susie" but I am hoping for "Very Chic Cheryl".
No Chair Left Behind

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  1. I love that fabric! I would have covered everything in it too. They all look awesome!

  2. I agree,...that fabric is really pretty.

  3. I think it is very chic... Great job. It looks awesome!


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