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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Storybook Cottage, The Sequel!

If you fell in love with last week's Real Estate Sampler, "A Storybook Cottage For Sale",  you don't want to miss this!  (Click here for that scoop)

Mike and Taya Ross were gracious enough to give me the tour of all tours!  I had stalked admired their home for many years.  Nevertheless, I was not prepared to be so wowed!

I really wanted to impress them with my witty comments and architecture knowledge, but in all my awe, I could only muster phrases like "wowza", "gee whiz" and "holy smokes".
I also shared an unflattering  story that included the "f" word.    (Remember my self diagnosed "situational tourettes"?)

In turn, they were charming and welcoming. They have clearly had a wonderful time making this house their home!

So...Without further adieu...the sequel!

HouseTalkN with fellow house lover, Deb Miller!

French Doors Line the Master Suite!
If you are interested in buying this house for me, please call your agent TODAY!


  1. Holy buckets, this is crazy beautiful!!!

  2. Erin - does it fit your wishlist?
    Won't you be my neighbor?????

  3. Oops, I realized that there are two Erins here! Erin N - buy this house! Turquoise Erin- You would have looooved all the shades of turquoise!

  4. What a beautiful house--and beautiful photos of it! Love it!

  5. I have been coveting this house since I was an undergrad 20 years ago. Since I (still) can't buy it, couldn't I just be the designated housesitter for any future owner?

  6. Soooo close, but no cigar for us. Some pretty important things were done with form outranking function. We really liked thinking about living there, though! Too bad it's a near miss to be your neighbors!

  7. im curious erin, what functions havent been addressed?
    i am often reminded that my own take is irregular!but i love to know what others think good and bad to please tell me what you think

  8. ok ive had my coffee now.. and realized ive been soo impolite ! i want to thank kerry and everyone here for your awesomely supportive and appreciative comments..exposing my home to any and all who want to see it has been a bit scary . thanks so much!

  9. Taya!
    Let me first just say how so very impressed we were with the house. It is just a jaw droppingly gorgeous place, and I loved loved loved thinking about the possibility of living there.
    Let me also say that our reasoning is also very particular to us as a family and not at all a criticism of the house (should've qualified that, "form outranked function *for us*") and as such I'm glad to give that specific feedback via email:
    We just put our own house on the market, and lord knows our take is quite irregular as well. :)

  10. Love this house so much. Everything about it is gorgeous. I really like the artistic appeal of the roofline pic that you entered for the challenge. Really nice!!

  11. Girl you take the best photos... I'm in love with the house and yard... OMG!

    Jeanna @

  12. Oh! Lovely! So enchanting! Beautiful!

  13. Wow, wow, wow! See I can come up with witty reparte too:):) This is gorgeous! XO, Pinky

  14. I really wanna swear because the decor of this house warrants it... but I won't. Instead I'll simply say

    HOLY SHITOLY!!!!!!


  15. OMG!!! such an amazing storybook cottage! I would like to live in a gorgeous house like that! Another impressive storybook home is The Witch's House in Beverly Hills, California. Some rumors say that the owner Michael Libow wants to preserve it. You can't miss this awesome house!

  16. Replies
    1. LINDA! I was just thinking about you! I have a blog partnership idea...hold on...must find your email.


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