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Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Urbana House Crawl...

Name these locations!  GO!

This landmark is a clue to the neighborhood...
Here you go, Urbana.  I did a "Run Route Special" of Champaign houses I stalk admire.  Now, here is the Urbana sister neighborhood - the sister 'hood, if you will.
Who can name these house locations?  Winner gets a tour of my laundry room!


  1. ok im game. Indiana Ave across from Carle Park, Florida/Kirby across from Presidents house, Corner of michigan and Orchard, Iowa St across from Carle Park. Carle Park edifice.

  2. REBECCA! You rocked it! Is this your 'hood, by chance??

  3. Hi friends,

    The designed of houses are really looking so beautiful. These houses are credited with the designs of several famous urbana landmarks. These have been home to a number of different occupants. Thanks for sharing it......


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