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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get Your Text Talk On!

I read a blip about raising kids while "Talking Too Fast" over at the  and had to respond!

Lazy days of summer

Field of Dreams
" I have been feeling guilty that my 4 kiddos don’t have phones, Xbox, fancyschmancytechydoodleetc, and they don’t know much about pop culture, they have never seen "Dancing With The Stars",  and they can’t sing along to the radio.
I feel torn because my rebel girlfriends and I had a blast defying our parents as we belted out all the Prince songs of the 80′s. Look at us – we are fine contributors to society and didn’t turn out to be sex addicts on reality tv!
It’s just that I want my children’s lives to be simple…slow. You know, chasing fireflies, running through the neighborhood after their little league games, waving sparklers (oh, so safely!), yelling “Can’t Catch Me!”
Kerry at"
Since firing up the blog in May, I have learned and attempted to use more "OMG, LOL, ROTFLMAO, RSS, URL, BFF, BTW" talk than I would have thought possible!  When I posted my first "tweet", I rejoiced on Facebook that I had "Twittered"....oops, sounded like I wet my pants!  I can also tell you that I live in fear of flubbing the word "tweet".  
I practically had to have a drinky party to join a "Linky Party".  
To celebrate all my techy accomplishments, I am going to spread my new lingo around at open houses this weekend.  I am going to bedazzle the real estate agents with my "4br, 2ba" talk.  
It's good to try new things with gusto.  "Go big or go home", I like to say.  I will give this techy talk a go- "whole hog", as we used to say in Indiana.
There is room for "techy" even while slow livin', right?  It's all about balance, ying and yang, frick and frack, xbox AND fireflies.
If you find me like this, however,  please intervene.
Photo by My Personal Valet

Weekend Bloggy Reading

and then, she {snapped}


  1. Check out my post on work/life balance, I wish I could be at home with my daughter having a simpler life but alas as a single mum I have to! PS I dont twitter yet!

  2. I want my kids to live a simple life as well!! I'm trying to stay away from as much techie stuff as possible and I have yet to "tweet" at all! I just figured out facebook but that was just for business. My 12 year old is asking for a cell phone but there is no way it's going to happen. He wants to text his friends but I just don't agree with a 12 year old having private conversations with people I barely know or trust. I'm not overprotective, well, maybe I am but I am still the mom, so I can be!! Found you at tatertots and jello!!

  3. Ha ha! So true! We would love for you to come share this at our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday" link party!

    The Sisters @


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