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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Houses Are Like Relationships, Day 7

There is no more shabby in my chic.
I just ran across these pictures from my "Shabby Chic" phase.  I would still consider myself a "Shabby Chick", (in more ways than one!) but I have packed away my vintage fabrics for white linen.  I have packed away my pink depression glass for an all white palette.
If houses ARE like relationships, then decorating is like our ever-changing wardrobes!
I loooooved big hair and blue eye shadow in 1988.  (I should also admit to a brief affair with blue mascara in 1989 - I was experimenting, ok?)
Pictures from that era make me giggle and wonder "What the @!#$ was I thinking and how did I fit through the door with all that HAIR?"  (Remember the spiral perm and Aqua Net?)
I have run through about 87 other styles since then, but I was certain that each look was waaaaay better than the last!
Maybe this is what happens to our decorating.  We love it when we are "in it" and laugh at it when we look back.  I'm just not there, yet.
I still love my vintage floral fabrics, my paint chipped picture frames and my wicker furniture.  I have just moved on, I need a change, a challenge.  Kind of like the "It's not you, it's me" relationship.

I feel like I should sign off with a "Luv Ya Like a Sister" or "Best Friends Forever" or "Def Leppard 'Til The End".


  1. Hi Kerry, Thanks for your comment on my VBS post at Caffeine Coquette. I replied to you there but it's calling me "Anonymous" and I can't change it. was me.
    I love all white too. I have just redone my bedroom in all white with wood floors. I'd post a photo but,...well never mind....but it has to do with an old boyfriend and my bedroom....nah! Anyway I'll just describe it. Lightweight, really lightweight, summer white comforter, white box, tailored bedskirt, white transparent almost window treatment to floor on whole wall of windows. Walls: light honey beige. Very light. Brown wood furniture. Old but my hubby loves it. Why I do not know. I must love your all-white decorating. Thanks for sharing and for commenting on my post....and for agreeing with me! :) Sandra

  2. Ooooh, Sandra! That sounds lovely! My master bedroom is so blah....I need to give it a lift!
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much for joining my newbie party. I was a little late commenting here LOL. I was away I believe when this party was going on. Anyhow, I do appreciate it.


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