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Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Over The Moon For "Checkered Moon" !

Here is HouseTalkN's  "Q and A" with Sharon Crow, the woman behind my favorite local shop, Checkered Moon!

How and when did CHECKERED MOON come to be?
Well, hello there! I’m Sharon Crow, the proud proprietor of Checkered Moon! My little shop came to life about ten years ago. For those who know me … they know that I have a lot of creative “sirens” in my head that needed an outlet. My son was entering middle school and well, you know how that goes! So, that created a small window to turn my “off” time into something more “full” time. Hence, with the prompting of friends, an adorable and supportive husband, and the shop help of my dear friend, Kerry, Checkered Moon was born. To quote Helen Keller … “life is either a daring adventure or nothing” … so, adventure it was!

Where did the name CHECKERED MOON come from?

I guess a little back story is needed … what you need to know about me, is that sleep is not my friend! Sleep seems to come to me in snippets and as life has rolled on … I’ve learned to roll with it and accept my middle-of-the-night wanderings (thirty years in … my husband has too)! In design, and in naming something as important as a shop, I love the hard and soft details mixing together … so, I needed a design element quick … enter the word “moon” … then, during my middle-of-the-night thoughts, the name Checkered Moon popped into my head and I listened. I nudged my sweet husband David and said “whaddya think”? … it gained a mumbled “sounds great” and I never looked back. Voila … Checkered Moon is born!

"Listen To The World" banner

Big things are happening for CHECKERED MOON - what’s the big scoop?

I like to think big things are always happening at Checkered Moon … but, you are right … Checkered Moon is changing and growing (as any ten year old does) … and in a good way! Checkered Moon is still staying right where we are in Old Farm Shops. We have always been the place for the perfect gift, home accent, baby item or fabulous women’s finds … but, our space is limited. We feel it’s just as important for us to help fit a new mom with her baby’s first pair of shoes - to finding the perfect wedding or graduation gift - to helping a new house buyer pick out that special rug for their living room. Customer service is our priority … so, we realized that it was getting harder and harder to help everyone with so many areas to cover. Also, many customers were and are unaware that I do in-home design work! Yes, Checkered Moon comes to your home!
So, with all that said … our new “adventure is taking over the Jennifer North space in Old Farm Shops and we’re expanding home … I don’t want to give too much away but think design with a smile! We will be tweaking Checkered Moon ever so slightly by adding a few new lines that we know our customers are gonna love. We are shooting for a mid-to-late August opening and you will be the first to know the details when they are final. Oh, and by the way, the name of our newest addition came to me in the same way Checkered Moon did … in the middle of the night ;-) ! I look forward to sharing it with you real soon …

Yep- Gorgeous clothing to boot!

What has been the best part of running the shop?

One word … the people … okay so that’s two words! But, truthfully … it’s the people. They are the reason I’m still here in business and why I still am wanting to grow our little world called Checkered Moon! We’re riding the wave called the economy and holding tight … I am a firm believer in small local shops and will do what I can to maintain ours! We cater to everyone but women are our true customer base … they are mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. I can’t say enough about the joys of getting to know others life stories … whether it’s in their homes or in the shop … the experience of meeting all these fabulous people whom I can now call friend is invaluable.  And look at this … I’ve just made a new friend … You!
So, thanks Kerry Rossow for thinking of my little shop, Checkered Moon, that has big new plans … stay tuned!

Nuttin' but eye candy!
A pillow lovers' dreamboat!

These whacky napkins always set the tone of parties!

Recognize "my" coveted pillow?

For a "shades of white" gal like me, my heart goes pitterpat!

Be still my beating heart!  

No one is left out- chic for the mini-me's!

Need a baby gift?  Got it covered!

I think I may have drooled at this point...

"Say Grace", "Mother May I?" and "Sunday Suppers"  LOVE!

That's right- jewelry, too!

Do the numbers keep track of your drink count?
Anyone who is joining HouseTalkN's "Pay it Forward- Get Your Gnome On!"- looky what I found at Checkered Moon!
Get your gnome on!

THANK YOU, SHARON!  The only thing better than Checkered Moon is Checkered Moon EXPANDING!

Stay tuned - HouseTalkN will keep you posted on Checkered Moon updates!

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  1. What a cute store! I really like the silver accent tables, well, I always have a soft spot for gnomes :).

  2. One of my favorite places to shop in C-U. It always has the perfect gift for someone special or yourself :) and during the Christmas season I can't resist their ornaments and candles.

  3. Oh, I think it's a good thing I don't live near that store because I would want to buy everything up! :-) Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday!

  4. I think they should expand all the way to Indianapolis! I'd be their first customer :)

  5. Sharon is a fabulous designer!! Sharon took my love for the beach and created the "traditional beachy" theme! We have her a few ideas and she created an "over the top" idea we never would have thought of!!


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