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Saturday, June 30, 2012

It Ain't The House...

I have made this argument with my children many times- 
"It ain't the shoes - just RUN!" or "It ain't the bat, just SWING!"
Same argument applies to houses.  It ain't the house- just LIVE!  
I have been to some fancy schmancy houses that were, well, just that- HOUSES.  No sign of who the owners were, no books to clue me in, no pictures on the fridge, no artwork, no backpacks as boobytraps in the foyer and no boogie fingerprints on the doors/windows/walls.   
I love "purdy" as much or more than the next person.  You may remember that I even consider myself a "neatfreak".  
BUT, family life trumps purdy and order.   
As I sit here, (doing very important "work") my laundry room looks like a bomb went off,  there is a layer of dust so thick that I could swim laps in it and I haven't seen the floor in my son's room since 2009!  
Yes, these things bother me, but I as my therapist sister would say, "I'm letting go- I am prioritizing my life goals."  Ehhhh....
Here is what I DO know.  After visiting my house, you will know who I am and what is important to me.  You will know that it ain't the house.  I love our house,  but it's the little things that will tell you who we are.
It will start when you turn onto our street.  We will either be biking, playing baseball in the street, basketball in the driveway, or soccer in the yard.  The worlds problems will be getting solved in a neighbors treehouse.  A lemonade stand might be open.

If it is after dark, chances are that we'll be playing "Bloody Murder" or "Ghosts in the Graveyard".   
The ladies might be enjoying  what we've dubbed "drinks in the driveway."

If we make it indoors at all, you'll see all the clues of who we are.
It's the growth chart on our basement door.
It's the countless piles of sports equipment.
It's the crowded bookshelves.
It's the lunch boxes and the backpacks.
It's the "No Whining" sign.

I won't wait on you hand and foot. If you want a beer, assume it is in the fridge and help yourself.  
This is my kind of coffee table book!

This "art" hangs in my kitchen!

We will laugh and we will make fun of each other and we will fuss and fight. But at the end of the day, as much as we love it here, we know-


  1. Michaelene wrote: "love it! but how come you didn't mention that there might be some kid running through the house or yard who you have never seen before and whose name you don't know, yet he/she seems to be perfectly comfortable hanging there!"

  2. So true, Micki!

    A house is just an empty shell without the "stuff" of life. Thanks for a great post!

  3. We often have a child run through the house in the middle of the pack and I wonder, "Who is that kid?"

  4. I love the last one! I have a sign that says, "Bed and Breakfast
    Make Your Own"
    My younger son told me when I first got it that it was "mean". I laughed.
    Happy House talking!

  5. Great post! We had a leamonade stand on our corner today. Lovin' the summer fun.

  6. true thoughts :). this made me smile! happy day to you.

  7. I liked your story and the beautiful lemonade stand!

  8. very cute, lemonade stands definitely remind me of summer!

  9. Absolutely true, Kerry. It speaks well of our neighborhood philosophy (well most of us) that has lasted for years.

    Cheers! Chris

    1. You can buy a great house, but if you get a neighborhood like ours, it's priceless.

  10. Brilliant. I have to keep reminding myself that a little dirt on the floors is okay. Thanks for this!

    1. I am so blessed with my great neighborhood. As I sit here, my kiddos and neighbor pals are plotting a Saturday night dance party.

  11. TRUE THAT! I love this post also. Our neighborhood is like that in many ways. We have Memorial Day "backyard campouts"..Christmas "crawls"...and I mean "crawls" sometimes!...Christmas Eve brunches, soccer "bootcamp", "mom walks" on Sunday nights etc. It's our posse that makes our "hood" a home. We even have a posse "keg'r'ator" that moves from driveway to driveway! We're crazy like that.. Have a great summer, from your fellow Hoosier. Lisa

    1. Summer nights in the midwest rock, huh? We play baseball all summer and hide and seek at night. I love it!
      Thanks, Lisa!

  12. Love this!! I am so tempted to do A link up for "real Life" where bloggers have to show their most messy room in their house..wouldnt you love that!! my only problem would be picking just one ahhaah!!

    1. That is a great idea! Count me in- I have lots of mess to share!

  13. Love this a lot. Pretty obvious that I have taken this advice to an extreme as I step over piles of stuff to get to my computer to write this note, but it's all true.


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