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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Photography Challenge!

One of the reasons that I started blogging, was to mix all my favorite things- houses, gardens, friends, family and PHOTOGRAPHY!

So...I was so excited to join Laura Beth over at A Step In The Journey for a photography challenge!

This is Day 1,Week 1- Self Portrait...
I put this off  and put this off until 5pm today.  I like to be BEHIND the camera.
Not only do I get to watch my loved ones through a purdy lens, but my camera also provides a barrier when I need it.
Let's just say I am at a school sing-a-long and there is no way in you know what that I am unleashing my singing voice on small children...To avoid the harry eyeball of the cheery, singing mothers, I hide behind my camera.
Or... let's say I am at a baseball game and I am losing the "mumble" battle (you know- mumbling things like "Sit your !#$ down and shut up, BillyBob" or maybe-  "I'm gonna make you eat that foam #1 if you wave it in my face one more time".... maybe it's just me?)  I just hide behind my camera!
Voila- embarrassing and inappropriate moments averted!
I like to pretend that I am a tough cookie.  If I am getting choked up at ANY event, I just hide out BEHIND my camera.
Are you seeing a pattern?  BEHIND the camera.
So...I cannot tell you how uncomfortable I was taking pictures of my own dern self!  It's one thing for someone else to take my picture but HELLO?
I bit the bullet and did it-- from BEHIND the camera!
Here goes:

For most of the pictures on HouseTalkN, I use my point and shoot Panasonic Lumix.  I stole borrowed this Nikon D90 from my friend, Jen Cochrane.  (Jen shot HouseTalkN's twist on "'50's housewives" slideshow.)  I pretend to be a photographer... Jen is the real deal photographer.


  1. I love didn't lose your "Behind the Camera" streak! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Kerry,
    I found your blog at between naps on the porch.
    Girl, you crack me up! I scrolled thru your posts and had a good chuckle, ( thought I'd use another word besides laugh, it's been done to death)! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to visit me! I will be back often!

  3. But you are an awesome subject! I have proof!! :)

  4. Love this photo! Even if you are behind the camera!

  5. Very cute. I love it. Glad to meet you from the photo challenge!

  6. You are too photogenic to be behind the camera! But I agree that you shouldnt sing


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