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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, PICTURES!

I often wonder if I have a picture problem.  I can't get enough pictures.  Love to take 'em, love to display 'em, and I love to share 'em.  I see my friend's eyes glossing over at about picture number 82.  Ooops.
I come from a long line of "Picture-a-holics".  My grandmother's walls were covered with our school pictures alongside portraits of Elvis.  This was a woman who had a ceramic animal kingdom in her yard- that she decorated with the changing seasons.  She even put earmuffs on the "geese" on cold days.   I am determined to break this cycle.
I once heard a decorator say that personal pictures should be reserved for the bedroom.  Well, if they are nudey shots, ok.  But, otherwise - reeeeeaally?
I decided to give it a go and relocate some "personal" pictures to my bedroom.   Here's what I did:
When we remodeled our kitchen, this built-in door bit the dust.
It found a new home (RE-USE/RE-CYCLE) as a picture frame!

Blah, before.

I put all my black and white pictures under the glass topper!
Now, the dresser surface is clear!   

And, I still get to enjoy some of my favorite pictures!

Now, I just need to clear the front of my refrigerator!  Ehh... Maybe next summer.

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