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Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's Time To Get Your "Soiree" On!

*Running an oldie but goodie for summer party inspiration!

A Summer Soiree!

When I think of a summer SOIREE, I either think of a nautical meets 4th of July look or a pink and green tea party look.
Always one to think outside of the box,  my pal and decorator extraordinaire planned an outdoor SOIREE with an "upscale Caribbean theme!"
Lots of options for summer fun- basketball, volleyball or my favorite, the swing!
Have you planned your outdoor SOIREE, yet?  Click here to see my widdle soiree!


  1. I'm crazy about all of these pictures - especially the starfish on the napkins and the lanterns on the stairs. An upscale Caribbean theme is a great idea for a party!

    1. YVONNE!!!! Where, oh where are you????

  2. Devine - HouseTalkN - Devine photos, Devine hostess! :))

  3. Thank you! It is the most "Devine" place to entertain! (Yvonne- Karen's last name is Devine, fyi)

  4. What a lovely post- your photos are gorgeous and your soiree looks like so much fun!! Thanks for linking this up at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  5. This looks so fun! Sometimes I wish I were more girly. I never would have thought to host a soiree...

  6. Terrific pics! Makes me want to have some kind of "soiree" be it Caribbean or not! I'm going back to check out your fun-looking blog - love the line about "why aren't the drapes open when you are a harmless walker-by" - I think that all the time!...and always leave mine open for others!


  7. That is truly the epitome of a summertime soiree! Everything so relaxed and beautiful. If the weather was anywhere between 78 and 85, then it was THE perfect party! Wonderful!

  8. Gorgeous photos! What a great idea for a Soiree. I just love the word soiree!

    Getting ready to check on your "widdle soiree" right now.

  9. Looks like a wonderful Soiree. Your setting is so welcoming.

  10. Wish I was going to your soiree! Just beautiful, how inviting and gorgeous! Love your photography, you're very talented! Lots of hugs. FABBY

  11. Garden parties definately need lots of candles and pretty lights for those guests that are having too much of a good time to go home! We have just hit winter over here in Perth so you are making me very envious of your outdoor party whilst its raining and cold here


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