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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Battle of the Breezeway- The Shopping Trip!

BEWARE!  I have set "link" records in this post, in case you need the backstory to each component!  Me?  I am just excited that I conquered the linking process...clearly. 

Remember my friend, Julie and her breezeway?

Here is the (tidied up) "before" shot:

Julie and I, with 4 of our 6 kiddos in tow, blew through IKEA like a tornado!

While I love IKEA, it is easy to get overwhelmed and sidetracked!
I tried to keep myself focused on Julie's breezeway, but somehow a cart full of things for MY house wound up pulling me around the store!
We were there with a very specific shopping list supplied by our friend and decorator extraordinaire, Karen.  Karen would not have approved of our glassy-eyed, hopped up on too much caffeine, unfocused, "we should stop for a snack" and "those curtains would be purdy in my bedroom" approach.
Here is Karen's "plan of attack".
After a "what color to get?" dilemma, and a "no way is this all fitting into our vans" dilemma, we had checked off everything on Karen's list. (And then some!)

The "what color to get?" dilemma!
We stuffed everything, including the kiddos, into our caravan of minivans and made the long trek home.

Now...who wants to come to the "Clean up and clear out" party in Julie's breezeway?  Or, you could come to the "Assemble furniture" party?  I think I'll wait for the "Drinks in the breezeway" party.


  1. Oh, you're coming to all three parties, sister! :) Thanks for talking me off the edge at Ikea. I'm ready to assemble!

  2. I'll come to the parties ... can I bring my new dog? (That might get a little TOO chaotic, though.)

  3. Count me in for the "Drinks in the Breezeway" party, of course! However, I think it should be called "Bellinis in the Breezeway" or just "Booze in the Breezeway."

  4. "Booze in the Breezeway" it is! Dorothy- you are my kind of gal.


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