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Thursday, August 18, 2011

God Bless The Real Estate Agent!

Fifteen years ago, my sweet husband and I, his sweet bride, decided to buy a house.
Let's just say that there were some "not so sweet" moments along the way.
Step 1- Find a real estate agent.  Easy, right?
Watch out for fast talking agents!

Not so much.  After meeting a couple of fast talking, "Get yourself a big ole loan" kind of fellas, I was relieved to meet agent, Steve Fox.
I knew Steve was the agent for us when he said "You can get a loan for a lot more, but you would be "house poor".  No money to actually furnish or update a house.
We all know that I am a house stalker lover and could tour houses all day, everyday, any day.  Poor Steve had to find out the hard way.
9,372 houses later,  Steve was still patiently guiding me through houses.
My husband's dream home,

My dream home!

Here are some highlights that will forever put me in debt me to Steve Fox.
-He did not bat an eye when he heard that my husband dreamed of subdivision living and I longed for a hundred year old Victorian.
-Without any eye-rolling at all, Steve explained that our "must have" list did not match our budget.
-I had a hissy fit on the stoop of a lovely old house on a tree-lined, brick street because my husband hated it didn't see the charm.  Steve asked calmly, "Do you really want him to buy a house even if he doesn't love it, too?"  (I answered, "YES!  NOW you're hearing me!")
-Steve kept his judgements to himself when I refused to even tour a house (after a 25 mile drive) because it was too "creepy looking."
-Mostly, I am grateful to Steve Fox because he found the house that we have brought four babies home to.  When he drove me past the house that we now call home, he didn't even flinch when I bounced all over his car shouting "THAT'S THE ONE!"

Fifteen years later, I still call on Steve Fox.  "Should we refinance?" or  "We are remodeling-AGAIN- will a kitchen/bath/patio/sunroom/personal spa/etc pay off?"
We've started to consider moving to a bigger house.  During the "House That Got Away" fiasco, Steve stayed true as the calm voice of reason.  He took me to tour the house.  He met us again to show my Mister.  Again, to show my get the picture.
Still, no eye rolling or heavy sighing.

Thank you, Mr. Calm and Cool, Steve Fox!
Steve Fox, Awarded Most Patient Agent Ever!


  1. I couldn't agree more - a good real estate agent is worth his or her weight in gold. I love my agent, Bill Utnage, for all the reasons you listed, and because when I was 22 and buying a house, he showed me only the ones he'd allow his daughter, who's the same age, to buy. Can't beat that. And I also email him frequently with "Will this pay off?" although sometimes he gives me the answer I don't want to hear. =)

  2. I love this post. I know, I know it's strange that I like this post because I'm a real estate agent and not the one you mention here, but I LOVE that you herald the service you received. When agents provide good service, it helps all of us. Agents work together to get these deals done and if done properly, both buyer and seller win. We need professionals that care about our clients and not the almighty buck. Yah to you for shouting it out!

  3. We dragged Steve to hundreds of houses over three years until we finally found our's, and I never heard a complaint - although he once accused me of wanting to live in an eight-square block area... which was pretty much true. :) Kudos!

  4. Laura- I've seen you in action! (Or stalked your open house?) You are friendly and laid back and NOT pushy! All the things that put buyers at ease!
    Thank you for commenting! I live for comments, sadly!

  5. Meg- are you really "Bill"??
    Good to hear lots of good experiences!

  6. A good agent is hard to find. We went through 4 before I found the one that helped us buy our townhouse. I am sure Steve would be so very flattered.

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