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Monday, August 15, 2011

Haven 2012, Here I Come!

I heart these bloggers!

In "real life" I am a teacher.  Having summers off is a beautiful thing.
I go to 472 baseball games, read 964 books, dig in the dirt daily, and I never shower before noon.  It is an adventure.
This year, I challenged myself to a new adventure- a blog!  HouseTalkN was born!
It has been such a blast!  I have met so many new people in my own community as well as online!
My rules (I am a rule and list person- don't be judgie)  for this adventure included things like:
-Go big or go home.
-Just for fun, just for me.
-September 1st would be my "regroup" date.   I would take stock and decide "Do I like blogging?"  "Do I want to continue?"  "Does it make my butt look big? me happy?"
Well, YES, YES and YES!  (I knew this by June 1st...and again by July 1st... and certainly by August 1st.)
One thing that I learned quickly, is that WOW, there is a lot to learn!  Fellow bloggers have been so gracious with tips and tutorials.  It truly is an awesome community of really smart and creative folks- who are willing to share their "secrets to success!"
This morning, I saw that Haven 2012 blogger conference had opened their registration!  I was already hopped up on my morning chug of coffee, but this sent me reeling.  "Should I do it?" - led to a SNL version of "I am not wooooorthy!"-  which looped back to my sisters voice- "Don't be such a baby!"
Go big or go home, right?
I tell my kiddos each morning "Go learn somethin'!"   Well, it's time for me to go learn somethin'.
                           If you see me coming- beware, I'm officially looking for a sponsor.

Check it out:
Haven Conference 2012


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