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Monday, August 27, 2012

Leaves That Taunt...

*Guilt update: Since I wrote this hate post, my Red Maple died. I have been cleared of all accusations. RIP, Red Maple.

You might remember from last week's post "Accepting the "F" Word" that in these here parts, the "F" word is "Fall".
As if it isn't  enough that all of my friends are flying their fall flags, my neighbors are planting mums, my kiddo's school supplies are in their backpacks,  my mister is talking football tailgating, and I am officially in the last hours before we are all back to school- AS IF I needed this image to seal the deal.
My first view of the morning!

This is my first view of each morning.
My flower boxes of white geraniums are now taking a backseat to the Red Maple turning, well....RED!
I'm pretty cranky until I have chugged a few cups of strong coffee.  The first morning that I was greeted by that taunting red leaf, I just stumbled past with  "Aww, shut up."  Luckily, my Mister was gone already.
I guess it's time to get on the boat.  Join the party.  Ride the train.  Go big or go home, right?
I'm off to write notes for first day of school lunch boxes,  hang my fall wreath, wash our hoodies and I might even go wild with some mums.

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  1. Oh - I am having such a hard time letting go of summer! And I hear you about the strong coffee and laughed at your Aw, shut up comment! Thanks for sharing! And a little inspiration to join the party. I'll get there eventually..........

  2. I just love your sense of humor. And, I'm totally dragging my feet on fall too. Although, I must admit I'm looking forward to the break from the miserable heat we're having here in Oklahoma.

  3. I am also in total denial. Except that school (kindergarten, eeek!) started today which means even though its 75 degrees out, it's back-to-school time after all!


  4. Kindergarten?? Oh, my. That's a big day.
    Thanks, Jessica!

  5. Im glad for fall actually. But fall here means temps in the 80s and on a chilly day, mid 70s. I mean it's not even 9 a.m. and its nearly 80 already. A break from the humidity. A chance to work on my house again...and the fair. We love the fair :)

    1. Hi, Micki! Where do you live? I don't mind heat, but humidity is not my friend!
      Thanks for popping by!

  6. I have a tree that does this to me every year. I've gotta run look and see if it's "doing it".


  7. Oh girl you make me laugh. Ha-ha, how can you go big or go home when you are already there? Love that pop of red through your window. I will miss summer, but loving the cooler temps.

  8. Hi Kerry!!

    Sorry, but, I'm not saying the "F" word until Sept. 21st. I'm a summer girl and living in Vancouver, BC I love the beaches we have. Summer dresses and sandals are my best friend and F*## means I have to put them away.

    The temp. has dropped that last night I brought out my heavier housecoat. NNNNNNOOOOOO...Not yet!!

    Have a great long weekend with family and friends!!


    1. You have beaches and I have corn fields...hmmm.
      Thanks, Pam!

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