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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photography Challenge, Week 5

When I was taking pictures from my bedroom window of those darn "leaves that taunt" for Sunday's post, I saw my youngest daughter  cruisin' our walkway on her scooter....singing her little heart out.
Once I had taken 97 pictures of her from my window,  (another confirmation of my mental state to my neighbors) I remembered that this week's Photo Challenge is "From a High Angle."
Here are some shots of my flower box with my singing, scootering girl in the background!

Anyone want to come "deadhead" my petunias?


  1. Love the shots, and I love that she's out of focus. Great photos.

  2. What a perfect angle! I wish my petunias were as pretty as yours but I guess that's what I get for not watering them all summer...oops.

  3. Great composition and focus (or lack of, lol). Love how these turned out.

  4. How cute is that! I love scooter girl in the background.

    Jeanna @

  5. Beautiful! Love what you did with the aperture.


  6. It's the BEST when you just happen upon the perfect moment to capture. I think you did just that this week ;) Thanks for linking up!

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  8. Like the first shot best.

    thanks nice DOF

    1. Further, the DOF nicely puts the secondary subject just out of reach. Your composition put the girl in the second quadrant which is perfect. Nice composition


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