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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Runaway IKEA Cart!

Could it beeeee any bigger?
While on the shopping trip for Julie's "breezeway makeover," I got a teeny bit distracted.
I am a list person- lists keep me focused and on task.  The problem is- Julie was holding the list.
I was not only distracted by the 789 acres that is known as IKEA, but also by the amount of gorgeous items with inexpensive price tags!
Our friend and decorator extraordinaire, Karen, had supplied us with a detailed list and instructions.  Should have been a piece of cake.  Did someone say "cake"?  Yep, IKEA even has a cafe, complete with cake!  See how easily I digress?
Before you could say "holy white linens", I was being dragged around the store by a cart filled with purdy things for MY home!
There is even an escalator for carts!

Here is a peek at some of my finds:
The best part is getting home and taking a lookiloo at the loot!

$2 for this gray pendant light!

I used a candle tray and drinking glasses to create easy access to utensils!

I am brave with a pattern on a towel- baby steps!

My house of white has taken baby steps toward some color!
I see that I could easily develop an IKEA addiction.  It all starts with a small cart filled with a few linens. The next thing you know I'm pushing a jumbo cart filled with cabinetry and that white Ektorp sofa bed out to a waiting UHaul.  I might even ask you to start calling me by a street name...maybe KDiddy?


  1. Just found you via Sweet Shot Tuesday and couldn't help but notice the IKEA word (I can't enough of our closest IKEA which is 4 hours drive away)...and I laughed through this post. We were just traveling through the states and we stopped at the Portland breakfasts on Monday! Hellllloooooo! After our free breakfast we went through the store and filled our van (no sales tax...once again...Hellllllloooooo?!!!) You did very well at IKEA by the way...excellent finds. Luuuuuuv the As is section!

  2. I am officially an IKEA addict! It is my happy place. The Swedish meatballs are delicious, by the way!


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