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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Shabby Without the Chic Cottage

                                                  This cottage is adorable, BUT...
"For Sale By Owner" Blues...
Dear Homeowner,
I have a general thought about the word "but".  I believe that everything before the word "but" is usually a lie.
You know- "I really do like you, BUT I want to break up."
"Your butt does not look big BUT you should wear the other pants."
"I'm not really drunk, BUT you should drive."
In the case of this cottage, the "but" rule does not apply.  I love this cottage- BUT...what's with the photo?
Unless you were planning a quick get-away out of the front window,  I might suggest moving the ladder before taking a picture to post.
And, how about the trash can?  We know that trash pick up is available.  Wheel that bad boy out of sight!
I can see atleast ten wonderful features of this house that would be gorgeous to highlight...just not a ladder or trash can.
Please, for the love of gravy, take a new picture to post.  Go wild and take two.
I know it takes time, BUT it will get the attention of buyers!
Cottage Lover at HouseTalkN


  1. Absolutely kills me when people do stuff like this! Details matter people ... a LOT! And such a shame for these people because THAT is an adorable cottage - LOVE it!

  2. I agree what you had said. This photo needs a new one. I love the design of the cottage too.

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