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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Table Makeover!

I nabbed this table last year at my local Restore for $10.
A year later, I finally gave it some love with a makeover.
Before- boo!  hiss!

I painted it with leftover paint,

Gave it a good sanding, 

And Voilla!  Reading central!
August always gets me motivated- I turn into Henny Penny!  "The Sky Is Fallin'!" becomes my "Summer Is Ending!"
The panick inspires me finish up summer projects in record time!

Link Par-taaay here:


  1. SO CUTE! I love it!

    Take Care!

  2. Nice! The season change makes me all crazy to finish projects, too...the worst is right after Christmas, I have this insane need to scrub everything :)

  3. The table looks great! My kids went back to school yesterday, so I'm hoping to get some summer projects done, too.

  4. Toooooo beautiful, congrats! Love it!


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