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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Airing My Laundry...

When I spoke lovingly of my mother and her mother hanging out their laundry in "Blackberries and Clothespins", I in no way meant that I carry on this tradition of hanging out my laundry.

I don't even own a clothesline.

My dryer broke last month.  Yes, that's right- last MONTH, as in 30 days ago.

I have been hanging out our laundry for 30 freaking days.

"No biggie," I had said.

On day 3, an unnamed person in my family asked if their skivvies (gasp) were going to be hung out.  "No, sweetheart.  Yours are special and I will blow dry yours."

On day 17, a friend stopped by for a glass of wine.  "Oops, let me move my stiff as a board undies so you can sit between my gym socks and pj's."  Very chic and inviting.

On day 29, my mister asked if I thought we could go a bit longer.  (In his defense, he put in equal time in the washing and hanging of skivvies)  When my head spun around and green pea soup flew from my head, he got the picture.  "Call the repair folks before Mommy eats us."

The photo challenge theme at A Step in the Journey this week is "A Mess".  I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot, literally.

I wish I could tell you that my fiasco turned out like this:

Here is a peek at what used to be our patio.

Nothing jazzes up a tablescape quite like gym socks.

Good to know that my furniture is under there somewhere!

To make matters worse, I keep seeing all of these big "Transformation" blog posts.  Yep, I've got a "transformation" for you.  I have the reverse transformation!  From "Soiree Central"  to "Hillbilly Central"!

My new bff from the appliance store fixed my dryer today.  I think I saw a rainbow over my house.

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  1. OMG, this household would be a complete mess! Don't think I could do it. Heck, my washer and dryer are working just fine but yet, I can't seem to get the laundry done? Good luck!

  2. Our dryer broke last year and I would wash the clothes then shlep them wet in laundry baskets to the laundromat. Very glamourous...I like your socks and undies on the patio better :)

  3. Hilarious. I think you've been quite a trooper putting up with this for a month.

  4. great pictures! (But I'm sure you are happy to get that fixed!)

  5. Thank is funny! You are one patient lady :) Thanks for linking up.

  6. What a great post! so funny and some really great photos. Your laundry actually looks pretty, even the sock hanging off the thingy, and even your laundry basket looks pretty!

  7. ahhh
    the funniness that is
    unexpectedly aired laundry

    it can be a beautiful thing
    lovely clothes
    strung across the yard

    not always

    i do hope your recalcitrant machine
    gets itself fixed soon

    and thanks for linking up
    to fridays unfolded!


  8. You are too funny! I've been there done that thing with no dryer, it's no fun and it takes twice as long to do laundry.

    Jeanna @

  9. Haha, I hear ya! I actually love hanging laundry, but don't currently (no good line and too many bugs, lol). To get rid of the stiffness you can always throw them in the dryer afterwards for 10 I've heard.

  10. lol, seriously you made my day! I have a laundry line & use it when it is hot out to keep our house cool. But, if I had to always, well that's another thing. I need my dishwasher repaired can you send your repair man over?

  11. I had to put on another maxi-pad because I wet myself! Mommy eating her young is not a picture I want to see published here someday!

  12. but....i bet they smelled good huh:) i must be from another planet, but i LOVE to hang out clothes, providing i have a clothesline. ive been where u r....


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