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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Entryway-Don't Dump Your Junk!

I need to bring down the hammer around here.
"Back to school" (boo!hiss!)  is apparently code for "Dump your junk!"
By 3:15 each day, my entryway looks like a bomb went off... backpacks, lunchboxes, folders, shoes, and water bottles!
Are they setting traps for possible burglars?  Did they collectively trip, bang their widdle heads and forget that their mama will flip if she is greeted by this kind of rubble?
Here is what I would like to look like upon entering my home:

 (country living)

This is my goal for September.  Clear, happy sailing!  "Hello, sweet and tidy children, Mommy is home!"

I'm going to stage a protest on our walkway, wearing a sign that says "Don't dump your junk!"

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  1. Oh... that bugs me, too! One day I'm going to snap, just like Mama Bear did in the classic 'Berenstain Bears and The Messy Room'!

  2. Right there with you!! Even with hooks in plain sight, the backpacks get tossed on the floor. I'm going to start cracking the whip this afternoon!

  3. Yes! We enter through the garage, and everything ends up around the kitchen island, like that area needs any more clutter! If I could just get my husband to find a home for his briefcase, then all would be right in the world ;)

  4. Ha! My husband is an incorrigible dumper. To him, "cleaning out the truck" is code for "regurgitating everything into the foyer all at once". Making his dumped stuff into separate piles constitutes his "organizing" of it.
    And yet, I love him still.....just hope he doesn't pass this trait onto our boys.

  5. That entry could definitely make one smile:)). Don't fret the small stuff - you have plenty of years ahead that there won't be young ones/teenagers to drop their stuff. I can vouch for this. Now when they come to visit it's kinda nice to find their computers, phones, etc. In kitchen even with my occasional OCD.

  6. Beautiful photo, I love the light and perspective.
    The second is fun.

  7. Kerry - love your blog!

  8. you are not alone! feel the same way - only we don't have a house full of kids anymore. just me, my better half and the dogs. i really don't understand it? nice to meet you by the way. over from FTLOB hop!

  9. Whatever happened to the breezeway makeover?

  10. Kari- Julie is in the clear out, clean up and assemble stage! Big reveal planned for October- stay tuned....unless you want to come to the assemble party?


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