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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall, Fall, Fall...

You might remember that I had some trouble "Accepting the F-Word".  Fall.
I really am trying to get on the fall party train.  Really.  Kind of like when I joined the skirted tankini crowd- I didn't want to...but I did. is my first "Fall Post" of the season.   

I know that fall is imminent when my fall clematis blooms.  
When everything else is looking scraggly and on it's way out, my fall clematis saves the day.  
When everyone else is breaking out the orange and red mums, I get to cling to a bit more of my favorite color- white!

I can hear my sisters now so let me just beat them to the punches.  
1. White IS most certainly a fall color- ghosts are white, afterall!  
2.  If it blooms in September, it IS a fall flower. 
3. Baby steps, y'all, baby steps.  

Stay tuned and hold onto your mums.  I am actually going to decorate for fall this year.  That's right.  I'm a big girl now.


  1. I love the clematis!
    I used to hate mums, like when people plant them in the yard, because they are the dissuade of plants for most of the year...round blobs or really boring green. But now that we are in WI, I see mums in the gardens and they make the fall look bright. So, I need some mums...and a bunch of other plants, because our planting beds...Lord, they are a mess!

  2. White seems to be really hot for fall these days- just think about how popular white pumpkins are! And, of course, ghosts! LOL!

    I don't know why, but fall always sneaks up one me- I've got to put away all my cute sandals. This makes me sad!

  3. For the first time in my life, I'm living in a place where there is a real fall. So I'm super excited for it! I'm impatiently waiting for this Thursday when it's officially Autumn so I can decorate without feeling like I'm jumping the gun.
    Oh my gosh, your comment about getting away with colors around your house that your husband doesn't like because he's color blind, made me laugh so hard!! That is too funny; sometimes I wish my husband was!! Then I totally would have painted that table magenta, and when he asked what color it was I'd look him in the eye and say "black". LOL!

  4. Love the photos and WHITE. I am in total denial about fall as it says "cold" weather is to come and none to my liking even though snow may be white! Fall is taking a bad rape from me only because Winter is to follow!!! I do believe Fall is one of the if not the most beautiful season in the Midwest. Thank you for the WHITE ...

  5. i hear ya. im a summer girl. never want it to end. ive only got some stragglers blooming nice. wish i had one of your clementis. very pretty....


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