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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HouseTalkN's Fall Mantle...Baby Steps, People.

I do not usually decorate for fall. GASP!  That's right- go ahead, put it on my permanent record.

Kerry FallHater Rossow-"F" in the fall decorating category.

While I enjoy the things that come with fall- Friday night high school football, Saturday tailgates, hoodies, apple crisp, and Kahlua  hot chocolate, I have never enjoyed fall decorating.

Fall decorations don't usually fit into my WHITE color scheme.  (And, YES, white is a color scheme!)


BUT! This has been the year of "Try New Things!"

So, I made the trek to Hobby Lobby in search of a fall wreath- ok, a white fall wreath. Shockingly, no white fall wreaths.

 "I'm a big girl and can make my own $#@!& white fall wreath!"

Here is how it went down:

How can I resist that marketing? "Make it fun!"

Burlap says "fall", right?

Look at me making ROSETTES! 

I threw in some acorns and a white pumpkin for good measure.

After...I have to say that the bird is creeping me out.

Maybe I will add a pumpkin here and there as we get closer to Halloween.  I might go wild and throw in a witch or a ghost.  HEY! Ghosts are white! Back to Hobby Lobby I go.

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  1. Visiting from the It's Fall Y'all link party. You are so right, white is most definitely a color scheme and a classic one at that. Rosettes, burlap, & silver acorns= you did good! Your mantel is wonderful. I am so taken with the white pumpkins and don't want to "cheat" by painting one. I can't find one here in LA to save my life. My parents are in Houston this week and are trying to locate white, green, blue, & gray pumpkins for me. They are fast becoming my favorites!

    Here's to the year of trying new things!

  2. Your post was fun. I love how you came up with something white to decorate for fall. Have fun with your ghost or witch etc.

  3. Great job making fall decor your own! You shouldn't have to sacrifice your look for a season.


  4. That is lovely! I generally don't decorate for Fall either, good for you for putting your own spin on it! That wreath is great and the bird adds just the right amount of creepy. I love those acorn ornaments too!

  5. Yes! This is my kind of fall decor. Love the sparkly acorns.

  6. Love it! I don't usually decorate for fall, either - I find it distracts me from Christmas decorating...

  7. I think it looks great. It fits your decor.

  8. Yes, I like your white fall mantle!! Lovely!!

  9. haha - I love it! I love it so much I'm heading over to follow you! : )

    evie @ brown paper packages

  10. Love it all! I'm with you on Fall colors:)

  11. Fall in white works for me. Looks great!

  12. Ha I love it! I had to laugh about the crow my husbands hates that I have a crow hanging out on our hutch. He thinks it's wierd. My glitter sculls seems to be okay though.

  13. husband's birthday is on halloween and this year i'm having him a party! maybe i'll decorate with white cuz white says 50, right?

  14. Yes! ♥ the white/black/silver. Looks great!

    I actually grow my own white pumpkins now in my garden-they are really white-white, not cream colored, so they work with my decor.

    I am not a fan of orange/red/gold that is all about fall, either :P

  15. absolutely a white fall!

    found you via romantichome and would love to add you as a follower!




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