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Monday, September 12, 2011

Name That Movie House-The Answers!

Thank you to everyone who dared to play along in the "Name That Movie House" challenge!

Here are the answers:

1. "What Lies Beneath"...creepers jeepers, y'all!

2.  "While You Were Sleeping"...the quintessential feel good movie.

3.  "Stepmom"...tearjerker extaordinaire!

4.  "The Notebook"...I had to include this- Ryan Gosling being my ex and all!

5.  "Mr. Mom"...This movie has a special place in my heart- they were Michigan fans!  "220, 223, whatever it takes."

6.  "The Family Stone"...While the clutter made me nutty, I loved this movie and the house.

7.  "Home Alone"... If I lived here, I would stand in the yard all day shouting "Look at me in my big ole fancy house, y'all!"

8.  "Something's Gotta Give"...I watched the first 24 times because I like this movie.  The next 82 viewings were to obsess over the house.

9.  "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle"...Even Rebecca DeMornay's whackadoodle crazyness couldn't keep me from drooling over this house.

10.  "Father Of The Bride"... This house has been the subject of many a girl's wedding fantasies.

AND, the bonus house-
"Grey Gardens"...During the beginning of this movie, I was swooning with house love at first sight.  By the end of this movie,  seeing the deterioration of the house, I was practically rocking in the corner, sucking my thumb, and muttering to myself.

Stay tuned, I'm working on a rematch.  Get your game face on, peeps.


  1. I'm still in love with first house...It's gorgeous!

    That was fun. Hope you'll do something like this again. I'd love to see some kitchen and bathroom inspiration!!

    Best wishes,

  2. I loved this challenge- I got most of them, Kerry! I missed The Family Stone house because I didn't see the movie, but it sounds like it's one I need to watch.

    My family gets so irritated with me because I watch movies for the decorating!

  3. This was so fun. I love looking at the houses in movies. I loved the house in "The Family Stone" because it looked lived in. Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a comment. Great blog!

    Warmly, Michelle


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