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Monday, July 16, 2012

Name That Movie House - Or Chug Your Coffee!

My college girlfriends and I leave random voicemails for each other throughout the year.
It is a rare occasion that we actually make a real time connection.

I happened to find a free moment (what's that, right?) last month and dialed up one of my old drinking buddies college roommates.
As always, we picked up right where we left off.

Nevermind that we hadn't talked in months.
Nevermind that we haven't seen each other in years.
Nevermind that she has photos of me with blue eye shadow and hair the size of Texas.

Our chat made me think of singing along to The Violent Femmes.
Spring break with $147 dollars between us....5 of us!

Our chat made me remember how everything could be turned into a game...a challenge.
"Name that movie!"
"Who sings?"
"7 seconds to name that song!"


Here is the grown up version- NAME THAT MOVIE HOUSE!  Ten houses and ten seconds to name them OR  chug your coffee, tea, latte, or whatever your drink of choice has become!

I might just challenge my Mister to a game of quarters tonight.  Every time someone in the house says, "Mooooommmmy", we chug.
I kid.  I kid.  Stop writing to DCFS, already.

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  1. Ok, I thought I would be better at this game! I see the Home Alone house I think and I know the last one is the Father of the Bride House because it is in the town I grew up in.

  2. I know Home Alone and Father of the Bride and The Notebook and that movie with Jack Nicholas and Diane Keaton and the really cool actress that is married to the guy who wrote that super cool novel City of Thieves...hmmm. I think I would have to drink some before remembering the rest!! ;)

    xoxo michele

  3. I thought I'd be better too! I recognized The Notebook house (only because Ryan Gosling was standing in front of it) plus the 2 the commenter ahead of me said.

    No judging here, sometimes, on a hot summer night I would love an ice cold Natty Lite (out of a keg of course). I can't believe I just admitted that.

  4. Ok, I'm gonna take a stab in the dark...
    What Lies Beneath with Michelle Pfeifer
    The Notebook
    The Family Stone
    Home Alone
    Somethings Gotta Give
    Father of the Bride

    Thats' all I know...guess I missed out on the other movies.

  5. ha...i got most of those houses...and i do adore the hoh blog...but a few escape me...thanks for linking the fun to fridays unfolded!


  6. Wow, I thought I'd be better at this. Some of them look so familiar but I just can't place them! This was a fun post though, thanks for sharing!

    Brie from

  7. This is one quiz I know all the answers to! Ha. Fun game, Kerry! :)

  8. I got a couple right--do I chug for each one I missed or just one big ol hearty chug? I have the same old college chums and we leave voice messages, too.

  9. One that I'm surprised I recognized was the Stepmom house. But there were a lot that I'm not 100% on. Great game!

  10. Ack--I thought I'd be better, too. But the Home Alone house and Father of the Bride house are two of my all-time favs. Your post made me laugh!

  11. I really only know a couple of these houses but I just love the first one. This was fun!

    If you have time to visit my blog I am having my Pinning party at the moment so I'd love it of you could link up this great post!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.

  12. I recognized The Notebook (because hello, my ex is standing in front of it), Home Alone (mouth wide open, slaps face) The Family Stone (LOVE that movie!) and Father of the Bride (how could I not?) But I think the Practical House deserves an honorable mention. They built it specifically for that movie. And me. Because I want it SO BAD! And I am so not judging. I always tell people, "If I drank, I'd be drunk ALL THE TIME. Screams? I don't hear any screaming kids..."

  13. So do we get the answers? I must get the answers. I knew about 3-4 of them, but gotta know the rest.

  14. Only Home sad. I guess I'll have to get rip roaring drunk for all the drinks I have to take! What a bummer... (ok, really, I drink so rarely and have such a low tolerance that 2 or 3 missed would be enough to get me well on my way, so I guess I'll stick to iced tea!)

  15. Oh, I love movie houses! Great post!

  16. oh boy, i failed-didn't recognize many of them! love the end of your post about playing quarters-too funny! i'd be passed out if i played whenever someone said moooommmmmyyy!

  17. This is a great game! Thanks for sharing at beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  18. This was so fun! I definitely did not get as many as I thought I would. Like everyone above me, I got the Home Alone house, Notebook (great clue!), and Father of the Bride. I love the Home Alone house ... I wouldn't mind living there! And I think that game of quarters sounds awesome!! Ha ha! I would only last about 5 minutes . . . living with two toddlers means that I hear that word about 3 times a minute. Ha ha! Hope you are doing well! Thanks for sharing this at Strut Your Stuff Saturday! :)
    Camille @

  19. I too am going to guess.
    I see the What lies beneath house,Home Alone house,The Stepmother house, The notebook house, Somethings Got to Give, and this is a guess, Bridges of Madison County, and Father of the Bride house.

    I am not to good at this game.

  20. I *heart* the Stepmother house. Can I have it?

  21. I think the second is While You Were Sleeping.

  22. I stink at this game!! They are right on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't think of the names of the movies!!! Well, here goes...
    1. What Lies Beneath
    3. The Good Son
    5. Mr. Mom
    8. As Good as It Gets
    10. Father of the Bride

    That's all I got! And I'm sure they aren't all right!!

    1. You rock, Sarah! Although #3 is Stepmom.

  23. I am sad- only home. I lose badly!

  24. Looks like I'm getting a caffeine high today!


  25. Oooo, fun! I recognized Home Alone, As Good As It Gets, and Father of the Bride. Can I just switch to wine, since it's 5 o'clock somewhere?? ;-)

    1. Well, Heidi...I'll join you! It's 5 o'clock somewhere!


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