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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photography Challenge, "Hands"

This week's theme in the "Photography Challenge- A Step In The Journey" is "HANDS!"

It's no secret that I love sisters.  I love my sisters, my husband's sisters, other peoples sisters and I especially love seeing my own daughter's "sister love!"

No one can build me up like my sisters and no one can put me in check faster than my sisters.

When I saw this week's theme- "Hands" I thought of this picture.

The Hopkin's Sisters, 2011


  1. Cute! My sisters are some of my Bestest Friends in the Whole Wide World :) That is such a precious memory!


  2. Yep, that is a fabulously sweet photo. Frameworthy!

  3. I love when my kids show love for one another. It's so sweet... Great photo!

    Jeanna @

  4. So sweet! I have boys and highly doubt Ill ever capture that! ;)

  5. I'm passing through some of the blogs and thought id stop and say hello. And i hope that you folks have a very nice fall weekend. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  6. That is absolutely precious!! Definitely frame worthy :) Thanks for linking up!


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