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Monday, September 12, 2011

A "Restore Run"

In my youth, I would have gotten excited about a "beer run."
When my friend Tracy texted me "Want to go on a Restore run?", I kicked it into high gear.

"Honey, watch the kids!"
"Baby, get my purse!"
"Clear some space in the sunroom- MOVE, people, MOVE!"

Ten minutes later, I was peeling away in Tracy's Volvo swagger wagon.
We rolled through The Restore smooth as ice.

Tracy scored a gorgeous wicker table.  (Disclaimer: When Tracy called me over to look at her laundry room makeover she said, "AND, leave your ^%$# camera at home!")
So...I do not have pictures of her goodies.

Here is my loot:

My daughter loves purple- we'll use this to store "hair pretties."

5 buckaroos!

This planter found a home in the sunroom filled with ivy!

My Granny always had "Fire King" cookware...

worth every one of those 3 bucks!

It's a vase!  It's a caddy!  It's $2.50!  It's white- it's mine!

Milk glass- come to Mama!

I know it's sappy but for a buck, I picked up a "Sisters" book!

$5 for a panel that I'll share later...$21.75, y'all!

Support (you can donate items, your time or you can just shop!)  your local Habitat for Humanity-  "The Restore".  
                                             Click here for more information:  The Restore

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  1. I am with you Kerri - love the Restore! As you can imagine, I swoon and swoop all the books.

    xoxo michele

  2. How do you find these things? I go into the Restore and come out overwhelmed and with nothing. You have a great eye!

  3. Usually, I see stuff like this and search and find out it's not in Canada but, holy guacamole, it appears there are two of these Restore places in Calgary, Alberta!!! We don't even have a Target, girl, but we have a Restore. Guess where I'm heading next week sometime?!? Or maybe tomorrow first thing.

  4. Breaking news!!!!!! Just looked it up and we have a new Restore SUPERSTORE in Calgary, Alberta. 28,000 square feet. You might have to bring your blog to Canada now!

  5. You found some great things. I haven't stopped by our local Restore in a while. Maybe I should!


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