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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

By The Light Of The Moon...

The lighting around here lately has sucked been less than desirable for taking photos. I kept putting off taking indoor photos, hoping for a day of beautiful fall light streaming through my windows.

Last night, I gave up on good lighting and took some photos of my dining room table.

                         "Blah, Humbug" could be the title.

I thought that by changing out the lamp with my bargain special from "Tuesday Morning" would jazz things up a bit...

It quickly resembled the children's book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  I decided that if you change the light, you should change the pictures. If you change up the pictures, you should change the tablecloth. If you change the tablecloth, you should change the tablescape. If you...see how this goes?

I love rugged burlap! (Or, I'm too lazy to sew the edges)

I started out with a pumpkin "line-up"...ehh, no.

I can fit a white pumpkin into anything!

This seemed too "Oh, wise and holy pumpkin!"

Oh, yes, indeed. My wild brood will maintain this look. 

I finally settled on this...
By 3:01pm today, homework central returned and this is a distant memory.

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  1. That's so gorgeous! I love all the different shades of cream and white together, it looks so rich!

  2. LOL! I can so relate to real life taking over. Oh well, at least you have your pictures!

    Happy WW,

  3. This is my kind of post!
    My favorite combo for the fall is white pumpkins and silver!

  4. This is lovely--I think the warm lighting looks good in these fall pictures

  5. I completely sympathize with bad lighting situations!
    It really looks lovely though! I LOVE white pumpkins. And your post made me laugh, several times. :)

  6. I wasn't focused on the lighting, just your darling vignettes. Love the white pumpkins with the silver.

  7. Take it from an empty nester-children doing homework is always a more beautiful sight than the most elaborate vignette! And you took some lovely pictures for all of us to enjoy. I love your combination and burlap!

    Robin Flies South

  8. G O R G E O U S!! My favorite today. Simplicity is always so elegant. I loved it, especially the way you used the burlap, and I'm glad you didn't sew it.
    Much love.

  9. So pretty. What a dreamy tablescape!


  10. Isn't it fun to "play"?!! I love what you've ended up with and it was great to see how it came about!


  11. Lighting will become more and more of an issue at this time of year, I feel your pain! :) Regardless, I love what you pulled together. Nice job!

  12. What a spooktacular tablescape!

    I created a mad scientists lab this past Monday. I hope you'll come by for a peek and shriek. :)

  13. very pretty post! love the white punkin' in the murcery glass! just gorgeous! xoox, tracie

  14. Hi,

    I love the way you put together your accessories. The white/beige pumpkin in silver? It's a BEAUTE!

    Happy TS...

  15. LOVE the table scape!!
    Loving the most perfect description/comparison of my life ever stated~ "If you give Kristy an idea". Now that my life is calming down and getting back into a rhythm (18 yr old daughter diagnosed with Lupus), I think this may be my next blog title! OH THE PLACES THAT WILL GO ;) You're right Kerry.. you ARE a giver!!

  16. Love the final look! I have a collection of white/cream pumpkins too. Did you notice that the lantern top looks a little like a witches hat for halloween in that last picture? Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you enjoyed it for a while.

  17. "Homework Central" may have returned to the table, but at least you have these lovely photographic memories!!! Great job!


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