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Friday, October 7, 2011

Framed For Fall!

I went hunting through my basement stash of crap supplies looking for some "Fall Door Inspiration."

When I emerged, I was covered in cobwebs and considered that I could be my own creepy, cobwebbed prop!

Armed with an old frame, my bff that is spray paint and some houndstooth ribbon, I attacked!

I like to have options, so I prepared Exhibit A and Exhibit B.  What say you?

Exhibit A

I got a bit carried away with the ribbon.

Exhibit B
Exhibit B is in the lead because Exhibit A involves the spider jumping onto all who enter.  This could add to the mood, but if I have to hear my 46 8 year old scream one more time...


  1. I love the spider! But pleasing the kids (or at least, keeping them calm!) always wins.

    For sure on Halloween, though!

  2. I have to say, that spider is fabulous! It is a keeper. My daughter in law would not use the front door if I had a spider on it but we do have two other options for her. You can change to option 2 for November.

  3. BAHAHA! Love it! And that ribbon looks great. Much better than the houndstooth couch I used to sleep on in my grandma's basement.
    Spray paint is kind of the glamorous escort of crafting. Goes with EVERYTHING, looks fabulous. You just can't go wrong with spray paint.


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