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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ManTalkN-Special Edition!

This is a special edition of HouseTalkN.

When I asked my sports writer husband for suggestions on how HouseTalkN could reach a wider (that's code for "men") audience, he suggested a post titled "BeerDrinkN!"

I know what kind of eye candy I look for on house blogs, but how about men?  Do they care? What does their dream home look like?

Marcus Jackson and Paul Klee, fellow sports writers, living the single life, graciously let me take a lookiloo into their downtown "ManPad" loft apartment on a Sunday afternoon.

I began to suspect that my husband's many trips to the "grocery" were secretly trips to this "ManPad".

Downtown on a Sunday afternoon...

Every great "ManPad" needs a great dog.

Yep, a putting green!

A little football, a little putting, a dog and a dartboard - done.

"HouseTalkN goes BeerDrinkN"

Fall = Football
Paul and Marcus are part of The News-Gazette's radio show, "The Sports Page."

The show broadcasts on Monday nights from The Esquire, their neighborhood bar.

Here are my top 5 ManPad wins:
1. Exposed brick.
2. Exposed ductwork.
3. Wood floors.
4. Oversized windows and lots of booze light.
5. Proximity to downtown bars, restaurants, stores and the newspaper.

(Photo from The Esquire Lounge)

You might say that I'm a "uniter", a "giver", bringing together the HouseTalkN and SportsTalkN crowds.  If you are a local, come on out to The Esquire on Monday nights for the radio show.  We'll all hold hands and sing together.  


  1. I like all of those things too. Wood floors, exposed brick, light (booze), etc. :-) My hubby works from home and his office is in our attic. It quickly became his man cave.

  2. I'm absolutely loving this edition, and my hope is their sports talk was all Kellen Moore and the Boise State Broncos. Go Blue! Then we will be rushing over to your state for some singin and beer drinkin! What a fun way to spend the day.

    xoxo michele

  3. That's a great manpad and a great dog. Klee and Jackson are two of my favorite Illini writers. Nice blog!

    Joe Wuebben, Charlotte, NC


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