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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The First Holiday Tablescape Of The Season!

We have had rainy, doomy, gloomy days around here so that is my whiny excuse why we have not gotten our Christmas tree, yet! GASP! It is also to blame for my icky low lighting! 

I usually make a big production of "tree cutting day!" We bring up the ornaments from the basement, cut the tree, hang the lights, decorate the trees, decorate the house, and drink spiced rum wassail! 
We do it all in one day...except this year. I'm becoming what my pops would call a "lollygagger"! 
For the first time in history, I am decorating in stages. 
Tablescape, check!
Mantle, check! (coming soon)
Children's trees decorated, check! (coming soon)
Christmas village, check! (yep, also coming soon)
Main Christmas tree...oops.

So, here is a lookiloo at the first tablescape of the season. I say "first" because it will change 83 times before New Years Day!

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  1. Hi Kerry,
    Very pretty vignettes. Like the color scheme very elegant!

    May you have a very Blessed Christmas Season!

  2. Love the beautiful silver and white, your pictures are beautiful love the tree...

  3. 83 times huh?! that's about how many times i'd change mine too ;) lolligaggin twinlets unite!

    Beautiful btw! looking forward to more picts!

  4. I wish I were a gay man so when I say, "B!tch, you're fabulous!" you'd appreciate it even more.

  5. Love the softness of white and silver for Christmas decor! Everything looks great job!

  6. A truly elegant start to the season. Beautiful table.

  7. Lovely peeks at your Christmas decorations!

  8. Beautiful! Love your silver and white theme.

  9. You may be a bit behind on the decorating this year (I think a lot of us are, actually!), but what you have done so far is beautiful. You can just tell people that you're taking time to really savor the experience of it all this year. That'll settle that! :-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  10. Very pretty! I love the silver and white. The little church is adorable.


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